Agnew Technologies


I have retired for the most part

The following set of pages are a capture of my engineering business site as it was in 2004 and do not reflect current activities

There has been minor updates such as email address and link addresses etc.

I provide services to clients

in Ontario only.

Please contact me by email at the address shown below

Agnew Technologies Inc. provides

Electronic Engineering and Design Services for

  • Digital Hardware designs
  • Microprocessor and Software based solutions
  • RF communications and tracking systems
  • Digital RF systems and components
  • Analogue and DSP based Audio circuit designs
  • Power supplies, converters and battery power management
  • Printed Circuit Board layout, packaging and design including both SMT and through hole designs
  • Updating existing products to take advantage of new technologies
  • Custom Manufacturing and prototyping services

Electronic Sales and Service

Contact me to discuss your needs

Edward G. K. Agnew, P.Eng.,

email me at:  


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